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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI
HAHA... you have sarcasm and the obnoxious personality to go along with that licesne plate... oh and as for my mod list, I can guarantee you (even before the upcoming body work) i have way more done to my car (not that its a competition)...

The fact that you would even negatively attack another forum member in such a manner really doesn't say a lot about your character...

ps. just a few of my mods

-6k xenon headlights
-6k xenon fogs
-acs 3 piece spoiler
-ecis intake
-hamann exhaust
-full hamann interior
-19" CSL wheels with Goodyear eagle f1s

oh and within the next month... (all of which are in my house i just have to have them painted/installed)
M3 bumper
M3 mirrors
Hamann GT-R sideskirts
Hamann rear add on
Strassentech front lip

oh and pps. you are full of sh*t to begin with as i was in a brand new mercedes slk when i saw your car... so not only are you obnoxious, but you are also a flat out liar
this is the "sightings thread" not the "show off my mediocre car thread".

save it
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