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Originally Posted by Marknoir
Hey Red Bim

Thanks, nowI don't feel bad about missing that white one.

Owner of naked car actually just moved to NJ from MD a few months back and decided to dump his M3 with a baby on a way. He said if he didn't get $30K here, he'd drive it back to MD where he has to go anyway to get stuff. Car feels fine. But, in all truthfulness, the engine on '03 black SMG here in Long Island felt absolutely like new. That's the car that was offered here and on e-bay for $34,9K just recently.

Why do you think prices are dropping so fast, and why all the desperation?

I actually am looking at some 2004 ZHPs also, for about $29K - $30K, mighty nice cars.
That 03 on ong island i would have jumped on if it was local to me. it had every option including Navi with free maintenance and warranty so if that is available to you thats the one Id jump on. give me the specs your looking for and ill keep in touch with you if i see someting
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