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If you've got a little time, you should install it yourself. It's quite doable.

I just did mine this morning. Follow the directions on

One piece of equipment you'll need to buy is a 30 torx driver...a whole torx driver set only costs $4 at home depot. And you'll need your usual toolbox stuff (rachet set, etc...)

1) Doing the tilt sensor and the motion sensor were super easy. Seriously.

2) Installing the siren took a little doing. Wait till your engine is cool because you'll be leaning right over it during the install. Oblu is right: the hard part was getting the last plastic piece out (the one right before the firewall) and getting that piece back in. Just remember how it fits before you pull it'll help when you're putting it all together. Other thing to mention is that your ratchet set needs to have an extender to reach the nut you tighten to attach the siren.

Other than that...nothing to it.
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