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Originally Posted by Turboo
Yes!!!! Its about time, lets just hope they get all the bugs worked out before this setup is availble on the market. I wonder what models this will be available for?
For sure it will be in the e92 3 series coupe as there have been spy shots of this and it will be called the 335i. Naturally this will also go into the e90 sedan, the question becomes how and when which is still unclear. From what I've heard the MY07 e90 (which will come out this fall with the coupe) will have an engine change. According to this the 325 will become the 328, and get either the current e90 330 engine or an upgraded version of the e90 325 3.0L (but my money is on the 328 getting the 330 3.0L because the engines in the e90 right now are exactly the same except for the 2 stage intake and software adjusments in the 330). This would mean BMW would be changing the 330 into 335 and putting the new engine in there. This looks like it could be true because BMW did it with the e46, although with the e46 it happened a year later in the cycle. But BMW could just insert the 335 as a 3rd model and keep the 325 and 330, but I don't see that happeneing, as that would mean the 335 would not compete with the IS350 (the whole reason for this engine) because it would have to be more expensive than the 330 which is the current competitor to the IS350.

EDIT: of course the e92 will follow the same engine pattern as the e90 so what I said above is intended to apply to both the coupe and sedan.

Originally Posted by russ330
I think the last non-diesel turbo from BMW was the 2002tii
there was a more recent turbo model i wanna say it was a 5 or 7 series that had a turbo gasoline engine, but I don't recall exactly what is was, but the 2002 was the most well known and praised turbo BMW

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