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OEM Footwell Lighting Install! Lots of Pics

This was probably one of the easiest and cheapest mods that I have done, probably cost me $20. Bought all these OEM parts from Circle BMW. My reason for installing these was mainly because my car did not come eqipped with footwell lighting. And plus I wanted something to do while in between doing my heated seat retrofit. Anyways here are the parts you need: All P/N #'s should be visible in my pics so therefore I will not post them.

2 - Lights
2 - Socket Connectors
4 - Socket Contacts (2 Black wires, and 2 Black/Red wires)
4 - Blade Connectors: P/N# 61131387144
Some butt connectors or quick disconnects (Pick your Poison)
A couple feet of extra wire (I chose Red and Black Wiring) for extending the footwell light from the driver side to the fuse panel

Tools needed:

Crimping tool
Philips Head Screwdriver
Zip Ties or Electrical Tape

Ok so here we go:

Step 1: Remove the glove box, there are 6 philips head screws holding it to the dash. Sorry I dont have a picture of this one but it's pretty self explanatory there are 5 screws inside the glovebox so it has to be open and then 1 screw underneath to your right hand side. The panel nderneath the glovebox will come free once the glovebox is removed.

Step 2: Now gain access to the fuse panel by undoing those locking tabs. Once you have done this you will notice at the upper left and right hand corners of the fuse panel that there are 2 plastic knobs supporting the fuse panel up. You just need to gently push the fuse panel up to release the knobs from the brackets so then the fuse panel will drop down and you will have more room to work with.

Step 3: The footwell lighting runs the same way as your dome light, and rear pillar lights do, same wire colors and all (Red/Blue for + and Brown for -)

On the fuse panel there is this black box that has all sorts of barrier strips via those comb connectors or whatever there called. You are looking for the Solid Red with Blue stripe strip and the Ground strip. You can tell beause the stri has a few Ground Wires(Brown) comng out of them, and the Red/Blue(Positive) the same thing. These are what you will be connecting your footwell lighting too. Note: A fuse is not required for your car is already equiped with the one for your interior lighting.

Step 4: Once you located these 2 barrier strips, start to assemble your footwell lighting and socket connectors. There are only 2 pins try not to reverse the polarity to the footwell light but if you do no big deal or immediate threat just switch the contact pins around. The footwell light goes into the panel that was below the glovebox there is a faceplate of where it is suppose to be.

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