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Originally Posted by rovert
only 80km/h. If you go 5-10km/h over or under the shaking stops and the car is totally smooth. We have never been able to figure out what is wrong with the car and he has gotten alignments and make sure the wheels are balanced, as well as tire pressure. Does anyone have an explaination of why the steering would only shake at 80km/h on the speedo?

The E39, like the E34 and E28 before it, have two front control arms. One runs laterally and one runs diagonally from the strut back to the body. The diagonal one take all the thrust loads generated by braking causing the bushing at the body end to wear relatively quickly. The first symptom experienced is usually a front end shimmy at a very narrow range of speeds. The solution is new bushings. In the earlier 5 series, the ball joint in the strut end of that control arm is pretty beefy and will last thorugh a replacement set of bushings or two but I suggest you check them out anyway.

For more info, Google "E28 shimmy" and you will get a decade's worth of info.

After the bushings, the next most likely culprits are worn steering components (tie rods, drag link and center link on V8 cars) and a dragging brake caliper.
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