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Originally Posted by djsway
I've lost track of what makes a good DVD player these days?
They're all have progressive scan but what makes the one better then the rest?

When buying a receiver 5.1 or higher, I know you're suppose to look at the distortion rate and anything below .09 is good right?
Currently the "trend" for dvd players is "upconverting." there is a lot of talk about whether or not these really make a difference, but I personally believe they do. These upconverting players take your dvd's 480 signal and can boost it to hd 720p or 1080i resolution (this still isn't hd quality, as the original format is 480). Why is this "good?" The thing to remember is that when you feed the signal into the tv from a traditional player, the tv normally would handle the "upconverting." The argument is that these dvd players can do a "better" job than the tv and do less video conversions (the more digital to analog you have, the better chance the signal degrades). So for some, upconverting players do a great job, for others not even noticable.

I personally decided to bite the bullet and buy the Oppo dvd player ( and talked about a lot on the avsforums). Was the picture quality great? Yes. Was it because of the player, I would like to think so, but I don't remember how well the previous did anymore. I did get much faster menu changes then my old beat philips player, and overall am very happy with my purchase. One thing I wanted from dvd player was the ability to play divx, and oppo did it all well.

Another friend purchased the much talked about 80 buck upconverting toshiba from costco, and he loves it.

Hope that gives some insight
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