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For DVD players, as mentioned already, up-converting is what's popular. In my case, I was looking at the Denon 2910 until I decided to not blow all that money on a dvd player that I'll only use for like a year and get the HD DVD play or a Blue Ray.

Magnolia already has a Toshiba HD DVD up on display, might want to take a look at that. We have no content to show on it yet though. But this kind of opens a can of worms as no one knows if HD DVD or Blue Ray will succeed yet.

So what I did was instead of spending too much money on a dvd play, I just picked up a Sony upconvert DVD for like 150 bucks and using it for now until I know whether HD dvd or Blue Ray will stay.

As far as Recievers go, depending on your budget, Denons and Yamahas are generally really good.
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