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Originally Posted by slow323ci
With all due respect in nearly 30 years of buying A/V electronics I've never seen a properly calibrated TV on display at any mass-market retailer. And I'm sure you are different than the rest, but I won't even go to Cicuit City any more because in my experience they have the least-educated salespeople in the business and the most useless display environment. Very frustrating to deal with and impossible to get a proper equipment audition. Although the latest Best Buy store layouts are just as bad and their salespeople are equally clueless. Just the fact that you claim calibration has a little effect leads me to believe you've probably never even seen a properly calibrated display. Although obviously the settings before calibration have a big effect on the changes after calibration.
I totally agree with you at almost every point..

Over 70% of the people that work at the huge electronic retailers do not know much about what they are selling, they may know the specs (which is drilled into heads) and such, but they really dont know how the unit acutally works! If you can find a seasoned employee at any of these retailers, stay with him (or her).. as for my myself i would say im pretty much seasoned, ive worked in the same department (entertainment, mainly flats panels, and projections) for about 3 years now and i have learned ALOT... So yes i totally agree with you on most of the employees not knowing much..

Second, my store director use to work for Imaging Science (believe it or not) helping out with the seminars and such, and he has all his own calibration equipment and knows how to use it very well. Our top of the line LG, Panasonic, and Hitatchi are all calibrated by him.. There definately is a difference in the picture, its not a 1080i vs 1080p difference but there is one there, i retract my statement of me saying something like "there is little difference in the picture after calibration" because with a properly calibrated television there is a noticeable difference.

If you really want to see the best of the best calibrated tv's, head to a entertainment convention and take a look.. that is where i saw a Fujitsu 1080p (playing in 1080p as well) 50 inch plasma properly calibrated and i have to say, that sh!t looked like the f'in future!!!!
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