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No worries this problem can be fixed with ease. Paint transfer is usually one of the easier blemishes to fix on paint. I would recommend you get the Poorboy's World Super Swirl Remover (SSR) 2.5 followed by the SSR 1.0. The SSR 2.5 is a medium abrasive polish that will easily remove the paint with light to medium pressure. I typically apply this with a Porter Cable buffer but you will be fine doing it by hand with a microfiber applicator (highly recommend one product per pad). Then use the SSR 1.0 to make sure all surface gloss has been restored and there is no marks left behind. This should leave the paint looking like nothing ever happened. Maybe if you still like your roomate you can let him use it on the part of his car that hit yours. These two products can be used on your entire vehicle if needed to help reduce swirls and fine scratches. Let me know if you have questions or if there any other detailing questions you might need help with.

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