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I looked at replacing my 22 year old ADS L1290's with some Martin-Logan's but they didn't sound as good. I shopped long and hard and ended up keeping my old speakers, nothing for less than $4k sounded as good to my ears.

The only flat panel speakers I've heard that I like the sound of are old Apogee full range ribbons. I auditioned a pair of Apogee Full Range's back in 1986 and that still stands as the best sound reproduction I've ever heard. They were $9,000 in 1986 and I didn't have that kind of money back then. Not to mention the cost of amplification that is stable under < 1 ohm loads... We were talking a $20k stack of Levinson or Krell electronics to drive those puppies.

I don't like Martin-Logans, don't like Quads, don't like Magnepans. I like the looks of the M-L's, but the sound seems really lacking, esp. for the price.
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