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Originally Posted by davidwarren
look dickhead, I know that the SMG is a true sequential gearbox that would not transfer to a regular H-gate. A manual M5 would have to have a conventional gearbox. The guy I quoted simply said that it would be impossible to have a 7 speed manual gearbox. Don't be such an asshole.
who's the ******* calling me a dickhead? what is your mental age? either you are a child proud of all 11 of your modifications, or someone way too old to be resorting to petulant name-calling because you can't get your facts straight or read clearly. they sure raise them sensitive in kentucky don't they?

Actually, the original poster you quoted did not say it was impossible, go back and read, he clearly stated it was not possible because the "location of the gears would be jumbled"

just because your post sounded stupid and you got checked on it doesn't mean you have to start crying and calling names.

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