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Originally Posted by jon323i
Well considering we have a whopping grand total of 65 reports on this thread... I wouldn't necessarily say it is a common problem and theres a pretty good possibility that they may have actually never seen anything like it.
When you consider that people posting on this forum is just a small minority of all US E46 owners, those 65 reports is very significant. Remember that Manufacturers have issued full recalls on problems that have had a far lesser number of complaints.

Also, BMW Germany actually issued a recall on the E46 subframe problem, inspecting and fixing them out of warranty. Just too bad BMWNA pretends it doesn't exist, though I don't think that will last for long as older E46s begin to have this problem and more complaints are heard.

Even companies like Turner Motorsports who campaign E46s in competition designed and sells a subframe reinforcement kit, and goes as far as to go into detail explaining the weakness of the E46 subframe on their webpage.

My 328I is arguably the oldest E46 on this web board (built May of 98), and has 104,000 miles. I'm pretty sure my car's subframe is on borrowed time, which is why I haven't bothered to mod my suspension or even drive my car hard since I'm afraid it will weaken my subframe into failure.
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