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Question A couple questions I had....

I figured first of all, I'd bump this thread, since it has answered one of my questions already.

A couple questions while I'm getting ready to do this myself for the first time. I read that it is recommended 5w 30 synthetic performance oil. I'm good to go on that part.

1999 323i Sedan

1) How many quarts do I need exactly?

2) Are the filters available at local autoparts stores like autozone and such? And can someone give me the model of filter I need. If these are not available at these type of stores is there anywhere where I can get these at a reasonable price?

3) I'm fairly new to this bmw community, and still learning here. I have yet to have any service done to the car. My mileage is about due for oil change. I'm trying to understand the Insepction Maintenances that need performed on the car. Can someone give me a little info on this. I just rolled 80,000. I bought the car used, so I have no clue about previous maitenance. How do I find out when I'm due for any maintenance on the engine? Is there a set mileage when something should be done? I really have no idea on what Inspections really are all about. I feel kind of dumb asking this, but thats the only way I guess I will learn. I'm use to the import cars, and I'm finding out that the BMW is a totally new and very different community of automobiles.
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