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Originally Posted by blownE30M3
Area effect. Motion trailing. And voices mainly come from a the center channel in a properly setup surround 5.1 system. A center channel is not neccesary when listening to music audio, but is crucial for viewing movies.
I'm not quite sure what you said. But after thinking about it I'm guessing that a well defined centralized image cannot be created (i) when the L and R front speakers are poorly positioned, or (ii) when the viewer is sitting outside the ideal viewing area. Someone sitting way to one side, for example, would not hear a centralized image - they would hear dialogue come from the closer speaker and think "WTF?".

In if this is the case then I think it's fair to say that the central channel is unnecessary if the viewers sit between the two speakers and the speakers are properly positioned. In that case, the viewer will hear a pinpoint image as good as, or better, than can be created by the center channel. For a 5.1 signal, the center channel info can just be fed through the L and R front speakers.
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