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Originally Posted by blownE30M3
Indeed. Out of place and not tuned can be hazardous to sound imagind and reflection. But then that depends on the speaker type as well. The center channel is very neccesary as it is the focal point of all direct audio. Try this. Try hooking all your speakers up including the center, play a movie, listen for a bit and unplug the center. See what happens.

If you just unplug it then it would sound bad because you have all that center channel information going nowhere. If that center channel information is added to the L and R front speakers (attenuated by 3dB so the L+R combined level for this information is the same) and you sit in the sweet spot then it will sound the exact same.

I just realized why the center channel is important: With music you have no visual image that you need to sync the sound up to. If you're sitting off center, you'll hear the central image biased towards the closer speaker, but you'll still enjoy the music just fine. But if you have a visual image that the sound is supposed to sync to - and the audio image is off to the side of the screen, then it will cause a disconnect in your brain and it will sound just plain wrong. The center channel locks the center audio image to the screen no matter where you sit so you avoid this problem entirely. Makes sense now.
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