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Originally Posted by brew
I just realized why the center channel is important: With music you have no visual image that you need to sync the sound up to. If you're sitting off center, you'll hear the central image biased towards the closer speaker, but you'll still enjoy the music just fine. But if you have a visual image that the sound is supposed to sync to - and the audio image is off to the side of the screen, then it will cause a disconnect in your brain and it will sound just plain wrong. The center channel locks the center audio image to the screen no matter where you sit so you avoid this problem entirely. Makes sense now.

If you are off-center, then you will be out of position for all of the drivers (including the rears). Surround setups are even more sensitive to listener position than stereo setups. The more point-sources you have, the harder it is to create a believable image. That is why stereo is so successful (and quadrophonic, etc failed). It is also the reason why so much emphasis is placed on tuning surround setups with test-tones, etc.

I think you were right before (with your first post). Center channel is the least important speaker in a surround setup. I agree 100% with your first post!
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