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Originally Posted by OCDGarage
All paint sealants sold at dealerships are a numbers game. They are no different than the polymer waxes we all use. There is no paint sealant that lasts past six moths especially when exposed to temperatures of 150 degrees daily or road salt, bird bomds etc. What they are selling you is a waranty. Thats it. As far as teflon goes, you need to heat it above 500 or 600 degrees for it bond. I don't think you paint would like that :-). I had a dealer staffing service with 60 employees and I applied thousands of paint sealants. Simonize and The Protector are commonly used at dealers and don't compare in durability to a polymer such as Klasse, FMJ or even Zaino. IMP

Brett @ OCD
I too agree! If you look at most of the warranties that they have, the product must be reapplied every 6 months. Nothing will last longer than that!
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