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Originally Posted by aras_aslan
Such a amatuer review. How can you campare that car to a 5 series which is in a class mazda doesnt even have.
you're missing his whole point. the point he's trying to make is that for about half the price of a 530xi, you get a car that's awd, more powerful, quicker, yet almost as well equiped as the 530xi. he's basically saying, the mazdaspeed 6 is a great car and a great bargain, and is a good buy for anyone who cares to save some money and use it on other life's passions instead of on brand name and prestige. this is not to say that there aren't people who feel the 530xi is worth $55K-$60K, only that perceived value is based on one's priorities. nonetheless, there's nothing wrong with his assessment. the mazdaspeed6 IS a good value, considering what the car offers.
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