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Just hooked up using HDMI.....

So, i finally bought an HDMI cable to replace the component that came with my cable box. I have a SA8300HD. I noticed that thru hdmi i have the option of different displays - 1080i, 720i, 420p and 420i. They can all be active or only one can. When all are active, i notice that regular tv displays in 420i, but when i only have 1080i active, then that's how it will display. How should this be set-up? Should I only have 1080i active?

Also, i can't decide if regular (non-HD) TV looked better with the component cable or with my new HDMI cable. Does regular TV usually look better on a particular cable.

By the way, i have a Panasonic HD Plasma and bought monster HDMI400 Cable. Any help or insight into this would be appreciated. TIA!
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