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Originally Posted by aras_aslan
You re missing my whole point. If i look at things from your aspect, mazda 6 speed is better buy than a 740d(probably you dont have it in USA ) just because Mazda is faster, awd and cheaper on the other hand 740d comsumes less, more comfortablem has higher quality outside and inside, has larger room inside... Or Z06 vette is a better buy than a M5 just because vette is cheaper, faster. I m sorry but this is non sense. Every car is built for diffrent purposes. It is not only the prestige and brand name between 530xi and mazda 6. I hope you re getting my point. It is all about what you want from the car. That review is crap.

i think you should try reading the article again more carefully, cuz apparently you are filtering out most of what the author is saying and just focusing on a couple of sentences to make your point. in the third to last paragraph, the author begins by saying, "Fully-loaded MAZDASPEED Sixes are priced under $40,000, but it's hard to place this car in an exact spot in the competitive landscape." this sentence is basically saying that he feels the mazdaspeed6 is in a unique category of its own and that it really isn't a direct competitor with any of the other cars out there. (of course this statement is flawed, cuz the mazdaspeed6 is a direct competitor of the subaru legacy gt, but that's besides the point.) he then goes on and makes comparisons with 2 cars in the market that are "similar" fundamentally (being AWD sedans), the WRX and 530xi, both of which, as he already acknowledged, are not direct competitors with the mazdaspeed6, but he makes the comparisons with them only to make a couple of points. compared with the wrx, the mazda offers more in size, power, features, and comfort without costing much more (thus the reason they are not direct competitors.) compared with the 530xi, a fully loaded mazdaspeed6 offers almost as much of the superfluous features and amenities as the bmw while costing nearly half its price (and thus the reason why they are also not direct competitors.) the 530xi, and not the 740d, for example, was chosen to illustrate his point because the mazdaspeed6 and 530xi are most comparable to each other fundamentally from the 2 companies--"Let's say you want a well-equipped and powerful sedan with all-wheel drive. From BMW, you would be looking at the slightly larger 5-Series." the author is not just comparing cars based merely on how fast they are relative to how much they cost compared with each other. his whole point of making the comparisons of the mazdaspeed6 with the wrx and 530xi is only to make the point that the mazdaspeed6 is in a unique category and doesn't really have any direct competitors (again, this statement is flawed.) he never implicated that the bmw 530xi was not worth more money--"Is the BMW worth more money? Sure it is. It's the pinnacle of European automotive performance."--but only that given the similarity in features and amenities between the mazda and the bmw the price difference is quite large, but he does understand that the bmw does offer certain things that the mazda doesn't, but whether or not the added attributes of the bmw (tangible or intangible) are worth that huge extra amount of money will depend on the individual--"Is it worth twice as much? Likely not--but it depends on what you find important." so to summarize, the comparison with the wrx and 530xi is only to make the point that the mazdaspeed offers a lot of features and amenities and is a great value, relative to what you get for the money. the author in no way implicated that the 530i and mazdaspeed6 are direct competitors with each other, nor that they should be direct competitors. therefore, from your examples, comparing a mazdaspeed6 with the 740d, or the z06 with the m5 does not reflect either the authors point of view or mine.

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