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Inspection II Turner Kit DIY

Inspection II Turner Kit DIY

IMHO: what I'm planning to do is performing the maintenance in this kit and taking iit somewhere to get a coolant flush and a visual inspection.

E46 325/330i Inspection II Package
Part #: INSP2M54
Applications: 2001 - 2004 325/330i/Ci (E46)

Inspection II Package for E46 325/330i/Ci. Click for more info.

Includes: BMW Synthetic 5W30 engine oil (7 quarts), OEM oil filter, Ate Super Blue brake fluid, A/C microfilter, Bosch spark plugs, OEM air filter, Red Line transmission and differential oil (2 quarts of each), OEM fuel filter. Optional items for the Do-It-Yourselfer are the Peake Fault Code/Reset Tool and/or a Bentley Service Manual.

An Inspection II consists of replacing all of the above parts as well as giving your car a thorough look-over. Much of the work is simply checking various parts and systems on the car which usually leads to more work that should or needs to be done. The above list is what BMW recommends to be done during an Inspection II (or every 40,000 miles). A home mechanic will have limited ability to give a car a complete Inspection II service so we recommend bringing your car to an experience BMW mechanic and having them complete the inspection for you. Keeping up with the maintenance on your car is the smart thing to do. For one thing, it prevents costly repairs in the future. For another, your car performs better, making aftermarket upgrades more worthwhile. And a well-maintained car with complete service records can add substantially to a car's resale value. Make sure you also order the Peake Code/Reset Tool -- resetting those Inspection/Service lights on your dash is the best method of keeping track of service intervals. You can also read and reset engine error codes thereby saving yourself a trip to the dealer (and the charge for reading the codes).

Price: $251.41
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