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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc
Ummm....on bmws flawless reputation of first runs.

Or maybe the fact that BMW has never produced a mass market turbo performance car? (Not diesel)
Wrong. The 2002 Turbo, for one, is a well known BMW product of the 1970s.

Then there's the turbo E23:

"The 745i was a special high-performance model offered in left-hand-drive European markets between 1979 and 1986. It was originally fitted with a specially-prepared 3.2L type-M30 six cylinder engine and a turbocharger. In 1984 the engine grew to 3.5 liters. These cars were all built with automatic transmissions and could be ordered with exotic options such as heated front and rear power seats, seat heaters, water buffalo hide upholstery, and special wood trim options.

A different 745i was built for the South Africa market, perhaps because the turbocharger on the European-market 745i could not be installed in right-hand-drive versions of the car. This car was fitted with the 286hp dual-camshaft 24-valve type-M88 Motorsport engine (with a Bosch ML-Jetronic fuel injection system) as used in the M1, M635i, and M5. 192 of these cars were built between 1984 and 1986, fitted with either an automatic transmission or a 5-speed 'sport' gearbox."

Furthermore, though the company has had trouble with electronics (on higher end models) and other small components (trim pieces, mainly), BMW's engines are well regarded as some of the finest and most reliable in the industry. The N52, for example (currently used in the E90), uses a fairly exotic magnesium block (as anybody with any background in chemistry knows, magnesium does not react well with water, which necessitates a special design to avoid cooling fluids from coming into contact with the magnesium portion of the block) as well as an electric water pump, and this engine has been in production since the fall of 2004 with no issues. Turbocharging? Elementary.

You clearly do not know enough about the history of the BMW marque to be making such assumptions...sorry.
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