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I break my details into 3 Step. Prep Work, interior and exterior. Listed below is my general outline for prep work. I am currently working on the more elaborate version but it is not yet ready. The interior and exterior outline I will post tomrrow if you would like.


Make sure vehicle is cool and in the shade
Wet entire vehicle down
Cover all electrical ports and computers etc. with plastic.
Spray engine with P21S Total Auto Wash, brush, rinse and check
Door Jambs, Trunk Tracks, Gas Door
Carefully spray with P21S Total Auto Wash, Brush (horse hair), rinse and check
Tip: Use garden hose with sprayer and crimp hose. Control the flow by squeezing
the crimped hose not the trigger.
Tires, Rims & Wheel Wells
Spray the tires and wheel well with P21S Total Auto Wash, Brush, rinse & check
Spray the Wheels with P21S Wheel Cleaner and let sit if dirty. Agitate, rinse &
Tip: Move the vehicle 1-2 feet forward to get a better view of the wheel.
Rinse Vehicle again
Check for Bugs and tar deposits
Spray bugs and tar spots with a diluted P21S Total Auto Wash Solution.
Wash vehicle (separate bucket and supplies) from top to bottom
Dry (check for missed bugs. Re-Spray with P21S and wash area again if bugs remain)
Wipe engine dry and inspect
Apply water based dressing like 303 Protectant to entire compartment. No need
to wipe.
Door Jambs, Trunk Tracks, Gas Door
Wipe dry and inspect
Tires, Rims, Wheel Wells
Wipe dry and inspect
Dress wheel well with water based dressing like 303 Protectant
Rockers & Fender Lips
Check for road tar and remove with a solvent like Tarminator
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