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I recommend cleaning them with any automotive shampoo (soap with conditioners in it), all shampoos on my site have conditioners in them. Soaps like Dawn can strip the surface, especially painted surfaces. The shampoos will remove about 75% of contaminates from the wheel. I would recommend the P21S Finish Restorer and Two Sided Polishing Microfiber towel to get the deepest shine possible. I used to think that any cloth can clean the wheel but that particular microfiber towel really helps work deep into the pores of the wheel. Basically just apply a small amount to the surface and work it in with the towel and then remove the residue with a clean side of the towel. After getting the wheels clean I really like to apply a Wheel Sealant like the Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant. This will help protect the wheels from high temperature brake dust build up and other road grime. Brake dust comes off the pads at several hundred degrees so they sizzle on the wheel and become embedded on the wheel. The Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant can resist temperatures up to 400+. On top of that the Wheel Sealant will also give the wheels a brilliant gloss that really makes the wheels look stunning. Apply multiple coats for increased protection and gloss. It applies and removes fairly easy, just buff on (I prefer a microfiber applicator) and buff it off with a clean cloth ( I prefer a nice microfiber).

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