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I took pictures today. First, our cast of characters:

A set of steel wheel-chocks. I got four of these from Sears for about $20 total.

Two good hydraulic jacks. These cost about $150 each from Sears. Try to get them on sale, if possible. There are more expensive jacks, but I don't think they are any better than these. There are cheaper jacks, and they're definitely worse than these.

And of course, our four jack stands. I don't remember how much these cost. These are rated for three tons. Don't cheap out on your jack stands. On the other hand, I've seen jack stands for like $75 each. What the heck are we lifting here, M1 tanks? The Craftsman ones are fine.

Start by chocking both rear wheels:

My car is kinda low. Yours probably is too. In order to put one jack under the inside frame rail, I need to lift with another jack under the rubber jack point first. Slide the other jack in when there's enough room.

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