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Then start lifting by the inside jack, and take the one that's on the rubber jack point out. Put it on the other side, and there should be enough room to get it under the frame rail by now. Notice the cut-up two-by-fours I use as pads.

Jack each side up a little bit. Two or three pumps at a time, then go to the other side. Repeat until the front of the car is high enough to put your jack stands under the rubber jack points.

Lower the car onto the jack stands. Now we need to lift the back. Again, my car is kinda low, so I lift from the rubber jack pad on one side...

... so I can slide the second jack under the back of the car.

Put this jack under the heavy frame rail in front of the differential. Don't lift by the differential itself. We've all heard the stories about how weak the body is there.

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