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Easy, tiger

Originally Posted by nEVERCLEAR
Between the two methods available they should work. If you are having problems I would try both methods and make sure you car really conciseness of the times in the process. It is not conceivable that you have a car that is not able to recognize a standard reprogram command. Everyone has used the available methods and they have worked for every model and year so I can only assume operator error.
Thanks for being so sure. I tried the "odo reset" method which seemed clear not to work with my car (since it's a 6/99 car) and it did not work - that is, I got the "test" numbers that people have commented on.

I then found this post, which I tried, and it did nothing. I later found and tried it again, figuring if I had found it twice I must be doing something wrong. This time I did as in the webpage - put the paperclip in first then put the key in and turn it so I could sit in the car and wait for the reset to happen. I put a thick paperclip in there and I made sure it was not loose so unless the connectors are $%@ it was making contact. Went in the car, turned to position two, and waited at least 30 seconds. Nothing happened. Turned it off and then back on and the "service engine soon" light was on as was the warning for "oil service -5000 miles".

Originally Posted by nEVERCLEAR
I am trying to be pleasant, but to complain that it doesn’t work is likely BS and you need to perfect the simple method…
Why are you even getting worked up about it? If I'm such an idiot why do you care?
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