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So the Klasse AIO isn't very abrasive.
Nope, The klasse AIO is a chemical base cleaner.

I will replace the all-in-one with the menzerna intensive polish followed by the finish polish II. At least for the first time.
Good choice

What are the differences between the Menzerna FMJ vs. the Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze? The are both basically a glaze/sealant correct? Or if I went with the FMJ should I use a the finishing touch glaze prior?
They are both great products. I thing the FMJ is a little easier to work with but the Klasse may have a tiny bit more durability. I would follow either with a coat of Carnauba like P21S for extra POP. Just remember the Carnauba needs to be reapplied often. The sealant will last for months but the Carnauba will not.

I might as well do it right with initially:

Menzerna Intensive Polish
Menzerna Finishing Polish II
Menzerna Finishing Touch Glaze (not sure if needed?)
Menzerna FMJ

Then to maintain every few months I could cut out the intensive polish and the glaze, getting it to a 3 step process.
You can definitely get it down to a great 3 step process

Brett, can you give me your direct email or number. So I can send you my list and have you work on some pricing for me? I want a PC, aplicator pads, microfiber towels, etc.

I am always available to answer questions.

Brett @ OCD
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