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Originally Posted by alexbenz
i have the philips 32in i bought from costco and it says it has a intergreted hd tuner built does that mean i pick up HD channels or does it depend on my cable serivce, i have basic cable...
in some cases you can pick up the hd channels via the signal as stated above. more likely then not you will need to contact your local cable company, and rather than get an antenna you can get what's called a "cablecard" (assuming your tv has it, which from what i understand hd-built in tv's do). this cable card is just like those pcmcia cards people used to plug into their labtops before the days of usb lol. it costs 3 bucks or so a month, and acts (to put it very generally) like an hd descrambler. youll get all your channels and its basically chump change.

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