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Originally Posted by soheilm3
yes, you just gotta keep at it, just call them up and say you want a cablecard, thats all. they usually just dont like to give them out. i think my gf's family got comcast to give it to them for free. just call once and ask, how much is a cablecard rental, don't mention anythin else. then just ask for that.

i felt like i was on the phone with aol or somethin, they just dont want to give it to you. but just sorta play dumb and nice. be like my cousin got just a cable card or somethin lol. maybe not cousin in case he decides to call your bluff and ask his address/name. just use a coworker (female whose name wouldnt be on the account lol)...


ya i gotta do that, i think its lke 1.99 a month but they said something about a tech coming coming out to config it for 30 bucks?? is this true?
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