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Long time since this DIY, but I just finished the job myself... It took all but about 30 min.. I bent the shield out of the way and everything came out easily.

One thing, afte removing fuse, the car kept starting without problem, it would just die soon after... About a quart of gasoline came out which I had a drain container placed underneath, so very clean. I started with the back part, and just left the filter hanging to drain, took about 5 min.

At 52K miles (2001) fuel was very clean coming out, so unlike other people, it probably did not need changing... But I recently got the car, and when I first started it, it was like -5000 miles overdue for oil change etc... Today changed oil, oil filter, air filter, and fuel filter (changed cabin filter about 500 miles ago while installing BMW alarm... still need to activate that thing...)...

It was a good day...
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