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Post Cop Talk

Okay, I've been debating doing this for a while now. And, I'm kind of tired of the "I hate cops" threads. Have you ever wondered why a cop gave you the ticket rather than someone else? Is this mod or that mod legal? What would a cop do if he saw this or that happen on the road? As many of you know, or have been able to figure out, I'm an Officer with the California Highway Patrol (It is, therefore, my primary job to give tickets, take drunks to jail, and write-up accident reports). I've been doing the job for about three years, which doesn't make me an expert. I figure that it would be nice to allow you guys to "pick me brains" on stuff. I'd like to be able to answer questions that you guys have about certain situations, and what not.

Keep in mind that some of these answers are MY opinion, not those of the department, or even other Officers. Even if you do what I suggest, you might still get a ticket, or go to jail. There will have to be rules, though. Here they are:

Main rules are these --

1) RESPECT -- I'm not going to put on my flame suit, anyone that's going to post in this thread SHALL be respectful to me, and other Officers. Anyone who is not, won't get a reply. Call anyone with a shiny piece of metal on their chest a "Pig", and you won't get a reply.
2) HONESTY -- Be honest about what happened, and how you reacted. What you, and the Officer said.
3) BE NICE -- Not following this is the most important. Foul language SHALL be kept to a minimum! If you can't express your anger without first calming down and using adult words, then I have no room for you in my life.

Others are things along these lines --

1) Questions about Vehicle Code SHALL be in regards to California laws only! I don't work in other states, and therefore have no knowledge of their laws. If you bring up a law in another state, you have to post the law in question. Even then, I would only have limited knowledge in regards to it.
2) You can ask me what I would do in a given situation, but don't expect other Officers to do the same.
3) Other Officers can post replies to questions, but everyone SHALL follow the two primary rules.
4) I enforce the law, I don't write the law. If you have a problem with how a law is written, this isn't the place to air your concern.
5) After I turn the ticket in, I have limited knowledge on how to deal with it. My knowledge is limited to what I have encountered in my own experiences with getting tickets (yes, I do get them from time to time).

Questions about the CHP might be able to be answered on the Departments website

With all this in mind, let's see how this thread goes. I'll try to answer questions as best, and as quickly as I can. I don't have the ability to spend hours upon hours each day on these forums, so I might not be able to answer things right away.
Go ahead, ask me a question... Check out the CopTalk thread in the California forum

Thank you Sam
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