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-Is your car modded?

Yes, slightly

-Is there any circumstance in which a front liscence plate cannot be mounted on the bumper, yet legal? (i.e. inside the front window)

It's supposed to be mounted on the front bumper. I think it looks stupid in the front window, but that's just me. You could hack it (which could get you in trouble) and mount it above the lower lip on you car. I saw this on an IS 300 and thought that it was a decent way to get around mounting the thing to the front bumper.

-Do you give younger drivers (21<) a harder time?

Nope, as long as they don't pop-off or cop an attitude with me. I stop cars, not drivers. Most younger people have a harder time following the rules, I know I did.

-How can I get a 99-11 liscence plate/sticker?

You mean 11-99, right?
Keep in mind that this is NOT a guarantee to get you out of tickets, or even being stopped. And, if you're going to donate for this reason alone, don't do it. This is a really good charity that helps out the families of Officers when they need it. Oh, just read about 'em on the site.

-Would you ticket a Fanatic ?

I don't know, probably, but it would depend...
Go ahead, ask me a question... Check out the CopTalk thread in the California forum

Thank you Sam
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