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Originally Posted by ModdedMouse
I think the plate in the window looks bad too, but I just cant bring myself to drill holes in my bumper. So if you pulled over a driver with a plate in the window would you ticket him?

I realize that a donation to the 11-99 foundation doesn't prevent tickets, but I figure hey, it may help me in a case or two, while supporting a rather under appreciated branch of civil enforcers. I won't lie, Im not a fan of the CHP, but I just figure it's service is something I take for granted. Can I just call them up and put in a donation for...?

Ticket a fanatic? Cold blooded .
I saw a thread somewhere in here about making a bracket that bolet to the underside of the front bumper. Pretty clean. Oh yeah, to answer your question, I'd probably write a ticket for that. It just looks too dumg to not deserve one

To join the 11-99 you call them, they send you an application, you send it in with your donation. I think........

Cold blooded? Yeah, a little bit, but I doubt that I've ever stopped a fanatic. If I have, Oh well. I have a job to do, right? My partner and I wrote 2 M3's in a row the other night on the 91 freeway in Anaheim...
Go ahead, ask me a question... Check out the CopTalk thread in the California forum

Thank you Sam
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