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I'm a Peace Officer myself. So here's what I say, being from Minnesota and having done law enforcement work in Virginia, Wisconsin, and here in Minnesota. Don't mean to , just adding my $0.02 in case anyone wanders North or wants to hear from another police officer. Hope you don't mind.

-Is your car modded?
Yes, and it's not stopping unless my fiance cuts me off. It really IS an addiction. Minnesota has much more liberal laws and enforcement than in California when it comes to modifying cars. The big things that are enforced when it comes to mods is Tint, noise/sound, and plates.

-Is there any circumstance in which a front liscence plate cannot be mounted on the bumper, yet legal? (i.e. inside the front window) (In Minnesota)
On any vehicle displaying classic/collector plates, only the rear plate needs to be displayed. Same goes with dealer plates and In-Transit plates. It should be noted that many police officers will not enforce the front plate law if you drive a very high-end vehicle like a Maserati or Ferrari as they are typically not sold with front plate mounts as standard equipment, but not all police officers are like that.

-Do you give younger drivers (under 21) a harder time?
Typically, no. If they're polite and courteous, then I'm cool. If they give me any attitude or try to call a lawyer, then it's a one-way trip to ticketsville, but that goes for anybody I pull over. It also depends on what they were doing. I have zero-tolerance for alcohol-related offenses and driving, especially for minors. Under 18 drivers are also much less experienced, so I tend to do more "chewing out" than I do to older people, but that's about it. If anything, I have a tendency to be harder on females because they tend to think they can get away with stuff easier. If any female tries to flirt or cry her way out of a ticket, I will ticket on the spot.

-How can I get a 99-11 liscence plate/sticker?
In Minnesota we have similar Sheriff's Association stickers and so forth, and Other states I've been in have similar stuff as well. I have a tendency to not be as strict with these people, but that all depends on the offense and the attitude of the passengers in the car and their level of compliance. It's not a Get Out Of A Ticket Free card, though. And yes, I DO check the dates on the stickers(if they have them)...

-Would you ticket a Fanatic ?
Discretion would really apply here. I would ticket a fellow Bimmer enthusiast, but it'd have to be something pretty extreme for me to do it because I understand the mindset. As long as you're not acting retarded, I'll probably let you off with a warning. It also comes down to whether they pulled over right away or not, and how they acted when I approached them. Respect is always the key.
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