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Originally Posted by bunnykiller67
what do you think about tint?

dont you honestly think cops give people under 21.. maybe even 25 a harder tiem?

what about racist cops? more than we think there are?
Tint... I've posted my thoughts of it in other threads before, it goes like this. If (hopefully when) California legalizes tinted front side windows, I'll be on of the first in line to get it done. If I wouldn't get in trouble for it at work, my car would be 35% all the way around (I think that looks the best, MHO). Until then; As long as I can see through the front windows to see if the driver is wearing a seatbelt, then I won't stop the car JUST for tinted windows. I may throw in the tint if I stop them for speeding.

Age issues... I can only speak for myself on this subject. Keep in mind that I mostly work freeways and make stops on cars, not drivers. I think, and studies have proven in the past, that younger driver's take more risks than those with more experience. I did (it took me two weeks after I got my license to spin a car into the grape vines ). For the most part, I don't give verbal warnings to anyone, younger people included. The one thing that I WILL rip into someone under the age of 21 for is drinking and driving. That, obviously, is a MAJOR

Racism... I'm sure that there are cops out there that are racist, but it isn't as common as people think. I feel it's usually someone does something that warrants either a ticket, or a chewing of the trunk, and they thought they should get a warning. The cop writes them a ticket, and they claim the cop wrote them the ticket JUST because they are such and such a race. I don't know which force your dad worked for, or how long ago it was, but in today's Politically Correct (which I hate) world, there's no tollerance for anything ressembling racism!
Go ahead, ask me a question... Check out the CopTalk thread in the California forum

Thank you Sam
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