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Originally Posted by tdevil
(thx for making this thread)

what rights do i have when getting a ticket?

why do i have to sign? can i request more information on the ticket before i sign? i assume i get arrested if i dont sign the ticket.

Im asking this because I've been written up by a cop who "paced" me (no laser/radar), he wrote on the ticket my speed as "80+". isnt that abit questionable? could i have asked for more information i.e. traffic conditions? i didnt fight it, i just paid and did traffic school.
I did this thread more for MY peace of mind, than anyone else's

You have to sign the ticket because it is NOT an admission of guilt. It is simply a promise to take care of the ticket before the date at the bottom of the ticket. If you refuse to sign the ticket, you will get arrested, and taken immediately before a judge. Keep in mind that if you do this on the weekend, then you'll get to spend the whole weekend in the pokey!

I pace people ALL the time. Best thing about it is pulling over the person with a radar detector after pacing them while speeding. It just entertains me. I write people up for 75+, 80+, 99+ all the time. There are a couple of reasons why:
1- You were fluctuating speed between say 80 and 85.
2- You were actually going a steady 80, or 85, but most judges don't allow traffic school for more than 15mph over. If I write you for 80+ in a 65, then it cuts you a break so you can actually go to traffic school. Reason why it says 80+ rather than 80? It's easier to testify on the ticket if you decide to fight it.
3- 99+ is what I usually write when people are going over 100. Over 100 is a mandatory appearance before a judge, 99 is not. Keeps me from having too much court.

Why would you need to ask about traffic conditions? Weren't you driving in them too? Make a mental note of it, for use at a later date, if you like.
Go ahead, ask me a question... Check out the CopTalk thread in the California forum

Thank you Sam
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