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Originally Posted by klubbheads
here is my quesiton(s):
If its raining and you are in an empty parking lot sliding your car when there aren't any cars around is it violation? My guess is yes but what if you are in a private parking lot, for example mall parking lot.
If it's in a private parking lot, vehicle code infractions aren't enforcable. I personally wouldn't give a rip about it; but be careful. If there is ONE other person in that parking lot, then it can be considered exhibition of speed. Which is a Misdemeanor and can be enforced. Also, there are probably cops out there who would say that it's reckless driving. Again, I'm a car guy, and look for chances to hang the back end of the patrol car out If I've got lights and and go around a tight corner, the back end WILL step out
Does becoming peace officer require you to know how to slide the car in controlled manner (drifting)??
CHP Academy has the best driving instruction of any academy. We have a "skid pan" that is a peanut shaped (I guess) track of sealed cement. It's set-up with sprinklers that keep it under about a half inch of water. Add to this rear tires on cars that are shaved smooth and inflated to 85psi. This all adds up to good times, if you ask me!! If you can't control a slide through a 90 degree left-right-left combo, you fail driving. You fail driving, you fail the academy.

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Go ahead, ask me a question... Check out the CopTalk thread in the California forum

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