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Originally Posted by MFarrZHP
True, this horse has no pulse and is getting pummeled. However, Bangle is the design chief, so he is still mostly responsible.

All the new Bimmers, with the exception of the 6 and maybe the new //M Z4 coupe, do not live up to their predecessors' design IMO. BMW needs to hire some of the new designers at Audi.

BTW, that article and petition are really old news.
the new designs purpose wasn't to live up to the predecessor's design, but to radically change the direction and how the industry design's fact, Motor Trend magazine made Bangle the 6th most influential person in the automotive industry, in turn making hiom the MOST influential designer.....

look at the new Audi's, Benz's (S-Class), Mitsubishi's, VW's, japanese cars, even korean cars........specifically focusing on Audi's new's getting a lot of heat from Audi enthusiasts (personally i like it).....but if it didn't go in that direction, sitting next to the BMW's the Audi's (and any other car for that matter) wouldn't draw as much attention as the BMW....

the article is old, and in fact, BMW sales are up and still goin up.....BMW's have always been known to be wolves in sheeps clothing, but BMW wanted to change that and make a more radical stance on the street so people would notice their cars better.....i personally like all of the BMW's (facelifted 7er, 3er, 5er, 6er, Z4) well as the the Audi's and gotta think outside the box....people take a long time to change especially when it's something that was so familiar for decades.....i mean look how long it took for the MAN to accept womena and minorities as equals...hahahahah jk jk

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