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Originally Posted by hifiguy
1) After being pulled over by a law officer (e.g. speeding), say they ask you for consent to search the vehicle. What happens if the driver does not comply?
The laws for search and seizure are REALLY indepth and, honestly, can be confusing. Bottom line is this. If they ask for your consent to search, you don't have to let them. It will, obviously, make them think that you are trying to hide something, but whatever. If you don't let them search your car, they can't do anything about it. If they have probable cause to get into your car (smell weed, see gun, etc.) then there's nothing you can do. They can search to their hearts content.
2) If the officer asks the driver to roll up the front windows, does one have to comply?
I struggle with this one. Legally, I don't know. I've never bothered to look it up. Is it a search? Here's what happened to me. When I was in High School I was riding home with a friend of mine. We lived in a little two-bit town with bored-out-of-their-grape cops, one of which pulled us over for no front plate. The windows on the car were down from the time we left the parking lot at the school. He asked my friend to roll the window up, my friend agreed, and got a ticket for tinted windows, too. When I stop people, I usually already know if their windows are tinted. When I walk up to a car and everything is rolled down, 99.9% of the time, it's because the windows are tinted. I'll straight up ask people if their windows are down because they're tinted. Come on, do ya think I was born yesterday??? Depending on how dark, I'll probably let it slide... If they don't argue with me about why the windows are down, or that they didn't know that it was illegal, they probably won't get a ticket. Again, this is just me, and alot of other officers will write 'em up.
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