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Originally Posted by crazyro
Um, sir, you may wanna get a copy of the speech Chris gave at the last car show. Your concept of his thinking and his design seems very faulty.
He can speechify all he wants. Doesn't mean I buy it or that he carries it off... because neither is true.

[edit] Are you joking?! I'm looking for a transcript of his speech now, but the first thing I ran across is this:
Bangle also issued a challenge to young designers not to go for just what is cool but to understand that exterior design is much more complex that putting something out that is hip but won't stand the test of time.
That's precisely what Bangle's studio has done: hung a collection hip, trendy, fussy details on a clunky overall shape. "Elaborate" is not the same as "complex"; a difference Bangle does not understand. I predict that it will not stand the test of time in any way.

Originally Posted by Bangle
"Visual literacy is what car design is all about."
"Form may follow function, but meaning doesn't have to."
So, what is 'literate' and 'meaningful' about Bangle's vision? Bangle's designs are the visual equivalent of James Joyce's Ulysses - some hail it as a towering literary achievement. Others, myself included, see it as an un-constructed, over-intellectualized load of bollocks. You can insist that its meaning is too deep for mere undergraduates to comprehend. I insist that the joke is on you and there isn't any meaning. Emperor's new clothes, anyone?

Understand, I recognize that there is no such thing as bad publicity, and that the BMW sales figures moot all my dislikes and complaints. But bold design is not automatically good. Audi's new face has shaken up the look of their line and added "identity". It also looks like a Blue Whale zooming through a mass of plankton. Does that make it better or worse?

I'm having trouble coming up with a transcript of Bangle's speech, but the quotes I've read sound like any other manifesto I've seen that claims to know the new direction of design. It's going to be the old direction in about 10 years, just like all of them.

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