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I have a quick question. I was pulled over last Dec for 35 in a 25 and not stopping at a stop sign. I am curently fighting this ticket. I admit I didn't stop however I didn't go over the limit, this road has speed bumps, 4 to be exact down less a 1/4 mile stretch, and my 330 and speedcumps don't like each other. It was night and the officer did not use his radar. On the ticket he crossed out the radar box, and posted approx vehicle speed as 35.

The next part is although I didn't stop I know the officer didn't see me not stop. The reason is I think he would have commented on a braking drift that I did in the intersection, (there was no one around it was 11:30 at night and I was late). The road is divided and in the middle there are low orange trees and palm trees.

My questions:
1) What can I say about the speeding, is it possible for an officer to pace in between speed bumps after having to turn his car around on a divided road?

2) Is it possible to argue that he did not see me blow the stop sign without admiting the reason why I know he didn't see it?

3) I was eligible for traffic school when I got this ticket, am I still eligible when I go up in front of the judge, and if so, how do I ask him for it?

4) Can I get one of the charges dropped as to lower my fine?

Thanks in advance man! Much appriciated!!!
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