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Originally Posted by frobie15
Tint... I've posted my thoughts of it in other threads before, it goes like this. If (hopefully when) California legalizes tinted front side windows, I'll be on of the first in line to get it done. If I wouldn't get in trouble for it at work, my car would be 35% all the way around (I think that looks the best, MHO). Until then; As long as I can see through the front windows to see if the driver is wearing a seatbelt, then I won't stop the car JUST for tinted windows. I may throw in the tint if I stop them for speeding.
hey frobie i give you props for that i wish cops around here were like you cuz i serioulsy don't speed or do crazy stuff ... just my tints got me pulled over 2-3 times i forgot already.. i gave up .. i'm tintless now!!

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