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Frobie, imagine I'm driving North on I-5 from LA to Sac on a Saturday morning around 2 am. What would you say is the maximum speed I can set my cruise control without getting pulled over? 80, 85? Traffic on that stretch moves fast at night, I get passed by people going 90+ all the time.

Same situation, if I get pulled over for 90 or so, and I explain I was just overtaking a truck(s), is that a legit excuse? Trucks travel way too fast on I-5, it can get really dangerous, how come cops don't regulate on these truckers?

About front plates.. My car has a euro delivery plate on the front; when citing me for speeding, cops have mentioned it but never ticketed me for it. Is a euro plate a good enough reason to stop someone who's not speeding? What about all the cars in Cali with no front plates, is it ok to not have a plate if there is no plate mount on the front bumper?

Thanks officer for the very generous thread.
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