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What are your views on Marijuana? Say if you saw a car that was driving obediently but with no front plate or tints or something, and you pulled it over and upon doing so noticed that the 4 occupants are all wearing Bob Marley or some kind of rastafarian shirt/clothes. The car has the slight aftersmell of herb. A few of the people inside are obviously high. Would you book them anyway, even if they followed the road rules and appeared to be civilized and law-abiding?

Would you go through the trouble of taking anybody in soley based on Marijuana? I dont mean catching somebody with an oz/lb drug trafficking, I mean somebody with a quarter ounce who got pulled over for speeding and happened to have some on them.

How do most other cops view this? Do they hate MJ with a passion? Do they not really care?

Have you ever shot somebody?

Whats the most dangerous situation you have been in so far in your career?

If your on the freeway and a very fast car (i.e; ///M3, 996 tt...) comes zooming past you at 120+ and shows no sign of slowing down, would you be willing to take it into the high triple digits to catch them? I have been told that if you are speeding at 100+ and pass a cop, then you should by NO means slow down because that gives them opportunity to catch you. If your already going that fast, chances are when you slow down thats when the cop will move in.

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