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Originally Posted by bimmerboi330
My questions:
1) What can I say about the speeding, is it possible for an officer to pace in between speed bumps after having to turn his car around on a divided road?
Visual estimation. If the Officer is radar certified, then he has to be accurate at visually estimating speed. So, with the speed being an approximation, then he looked, saw you going ABOUT 35, and added that on, too.
2) Is it possible to argue that he did not see me blow the stop sign without admiting the reason why I know he didn't see it?
Clear line of sight to the limit line/curb line. Is he 100% sure that your car came to a full and complete stop. I will only write rolling a stop sign if someone blatantly blows through it at 10mph and doesn't even try to stop.
3) I was eligible for traffic school when I got this ticket, am I still eligible when I go up in front of the judge, and if so, how do I ask him for it?
I don't know which court you're going to, but I know that alot of them treat traffic school as a priviledge. If you show up to court just to see if the officer is going to come, that's fine. Some of the judges say that the last time you can take traffic school is before testifying. It's their way of making sure that you're serious about your reason for fighting it. They'll ask you if you want to take traffic school at some point, otherwise, just ask he judge respectfully, "Can I attend traffic school?"
4) Can I get one of the charges dropped as to lower my fine?
That's entirely up to the judge/court.

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