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Originally Posted by deutsch325
Frobie, imagine I'm driving North on I-5 from LA to Sac on a Saturday morning around 2 am. What would you say is the maximum speed I can set my cruise control without getting pulled over? 80, 85? Traffic on that stretch moves fast at night, I get passed by people going 90+ all the time.
People ask me this alot. The technical answer is, "speed limit." The actual answer is, "It all depends." Alot of Officers use the simple rule of, "9 you're fine, 10 your mine." But keep in mind that I've written people for five over the limit...
Same situation, if I get pulled over for 90 or so, and I explain I was just overtaking a truck(s), is that a legit excuse? Trucks travel way too fast on I-5, it can get really dangerous, how come cops don't regulate on these truckers?
I agree, the tucks straight up fly on the I-5. I can't wait to get up to the Coalinga Office and start playing "Trucker F*cker." But, that excuse isn't going to cut it. Bottom line is that if you're going 90, don't even bother trying to come up with an excuse.
About front plates.. My car has a euro delivery plate on the front; when citing me for speeding, cops have mentioned it but never ticketed me for it. Is a euro plate a good enough reason to stop someone who's not speeding? What about all the cars in Cali with no front plates, is it ok to not have a plate if there is no plate mount on the front bumper?
The euro plate isn't legal. You could get a ticket for it. It's not the state issued license plate, and, therefore illegal. Same thing as not having a front plate, technically. And, not having holes in your bumper isn't an excuse. You're supposed to have the plate, if you don't, you could get a ticket. Is it a good enough reason to pull someone over? Not for me.
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