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Originally Posted by klubbheads
It is unsafe but to me it depends on the time, kind of road(bumps no bumps for example 101 west going towards Zoom beach is a place where i think it is "safe" to do it with a certain car), traffic (cars no cars). Well lets the conditions are the "safest possible" would u still bother?

Honest answer plz: If i am doing 130 and u enter the freeway at that time doing 50-60 MPH on the entrance ramp. Do u think i have good chance of getting away by speeding till I dont see u in the mirror and exiting right after.

Sorry for childish questions too happy to have this opportunity.
I-5 through Camp Pendleton would be another place where higher speeds could be argued as less unsafe. You asked for an honest answer, and I've been giving them. If I were to enter the freeway and see a car shoot past me in the #1 lane that's just flat out flying, I'd try to give chase. As soon as I realized that I wasn't going to be able to catch it, I'd give up. But, while I was trying to catch up to it, I'd be radioing ahead to let other units know that there's C car going S speed in D direction on R road. If there's another unit in position, then you get hit in the pooper with reckless driving. If there's no unit available, then you get away with it. If you stop, you'll be more likely to get away with ONLY a ticket, and no jail time.
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