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The orange pad was more of a "when it needs it" idea. I highly doubt that my barely 2 month old wheels need this kind of abrassion. With that said, I'll start the process with a white spot pad dedicated entirely to wheels. How about this:

1) Apply P21S Finish Restorer to WHITE Spot Buff generously.
2) Work the wheel, making sure to build up heat; buff off with clean MF
3) Apply Wenol Red to BLACK Spot Buff generously.
4) Repeat step 2
5) Apply Wenol Blue by HAND
6) Repeat step 2.
7) Apply PB Wheel Sealant by hand and allow to dry to haze
8) Buff off with clean microfiber.

With this process I'm really not cutting into the metal at all. The white pad can be used to buff out (without dislocating my arm) and of the microscratches I had mentioned earlier. With those out, I can follow up with a less intrusive pad and a less intrusive product. I will then go entirely by hand. I think the PC's benefit over the hand application of products is that it allows me to build up considerably more heat on a consistent basis. I know that heat is the key element to polishing wheels and while I can build up enough by hand, the second I pause to rest my arm, that heat is going to disipate. With the PC, I can keep it at a constant heat level for longer.

Thanks for the advice and I'll start off with a WHITE pad as opposed to the orange. I would image the orange should only be used in extreme situations and perhaps only on areas of the wheels that are actually damaged (ie moderate rash marks)


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